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 OOC: Who are we?

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PostSubject: OOC: Who are we?   Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:22 pm

The Department of Investigations is an Omni-Tek aligned RP organisation on the MMORPG Anarchy Online.

Established in 2005, it has undergone various changes and participated and created many RP plotlines and events. We're a small organisation with a fully functioning org city, with high aspirations and a fantastic dress sense!

Applicants are required to at least have interest in RP, and respect for it. The DoI Academy, our training organisation, allows an IC way to educate yourself or your character on the many aspects of RP that we enjoy and delve in. Don't worry - it's not hard. A love for immersion and a bit of common sense is all it takes.

We're one of the few organisations comprised entirely of roleplayers - and we're proud of it!

So, what do we do, exactly?

We're an unusual department, created to bridge the gap between various sections of the Omni-Tek structure. As it stands, we're a bridge department between Omni-InternOps and Omni-Reform, with links toOmni-Pol.

We're primarily detectives, which involves solving cases and investigations much like detectives would in real life, however due to our interesting positioning we have a few extra perks, and we rarely operate by the book. Think like MI5 (Her Majesty's Secret Service) or the FBI if you want a real-life example of what the DOI is similar to.

What might I expect to do?

  • Serious crime (Serial murder investigations, smuggling, corporate conspiracies, etc.)
  • Assignments given by InternOps, Omni-Reform or to assist Omni-Pol.
  • Employee loyalty and behaviour patterns.
  • Undercover operations.
  • Intelligence Extraction.
  • Forensics, pathology and psychoanalysis.
  • Internal plots and subplots.
  • Casual RP and entertainment, such as off-duty activities. Lots of banter!

How are we structured?

We answer directly to the CEO, currentlyEva Pourais, but also report to Darius Zeilerof Administration or Rashinen Rintaro of Security.

Below that, we have the Department Administrator, Harvard Farndale. He's in charge of the entirety of the Department of Investigations, but he mostly handles administration, paperwork, and schmoozing with other suits in luxury dinner parties. He's likely corrupt, but nothing has surfaced just yet.


The blue team handle investigations, interrogations, interviews, securing crime scenes and all you'd expect a detective to get involved in. The "real" head of the DoI, the one that leads all the fieldwork, is currently DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) Validius Hunt. Anything that involves getting your hands dirty, he's the boss to speak to. He has quite a brash and... "colourful" personality, but once you prove you're capable of doing a good job he'll always have your back.

Underneath the DCI, you have the DI's, or Detective Inspectors. They usually handle the lead in field work when the DCI isn't available or otherwise occupied.

Then below that you have the DS, or Detective Sergeants. They usually act as advisers to the newer investigators fresh out of the academy, to which they share their knowledge and act as partners. Classic cop duos!

Lastly, you have the DC, or Detective Constable. Fresh out of the academy, they're usually paired with a DS to keep them in line, get them involved and let them learn in friendly company how we operate.


The current head of the red team is Dr. Vikriana Heinrich. The red team handle anything related to forensics, autopsies, psychiatry and reforming/rehabilitation work.

Below that, you have the doctors, pathologists, psychiatrists, Omni-Med and Omni-Reform personnel.

If you've got a character idea that doesn't fit the above two teams, be sure to talk with us about it and we'll fit you in!


Simply register an account on the forum with your character name, thenCLICK HERE or make a post in the Applications section of this site if you'd like to make an application. Omni only characters please.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to send an IM on this site to NETWORK or Validius, PM Agrestus on the Anarchy Online forums, look for Arthazar or Validius in-game or catch Agrestus on Funcom's IRC, under the channel #AO-Events.

Join today!

Department of Investigations
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OOC: Who are we?
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